The Akashic Light Inner Circle is an online platform. All material is channeled and recorded in the Akashic Records. Expect monthly goodies that vary, such as:

  • Channeled sharings from the Akashic Masters,
  • Recorded meditations so you can listen at your own pace and in your own space,
  • Resource library,
  • Energy upgrades,
  • Video/ voice recordings,
  • Exclusive access and discounts for selected products, retreats*, classes, and private sessions with Tarra.

The Akashic Light Inner Circle Members will be provided a login and password to a dashboard where all material will be hosted. Material can only be viewed when you log in.

Membership - Yearly, recurring payment


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1 Year Membership

We reserve the right to make changes to the content variety of the Akashic Light Inner Circle Online Program at any time.